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Modify Your KTM Duke 200 / 250 / 390 with ktm duke stickers  / Graphics Kits / Decals at your home with Orange, Blue, White, Black Colour Editions.

About KTM Company in India

KTM is the best Street bike manufacturing company all over the world. It was started in Australia and in 2007 it was announced to come in India. KTM manufactures did’t have much knowledge of Indian market so they decided to sign an agreement with Bajaj Auto to produce KTM bikes in India. KTM have introduced only 5 bikes in India till now – KTM RC 200/390 & Duke 200/250/390 still these are the best choice available for Indian youngsters. KTM have made a large number of Fans in India because of attractive look of their Bikes. Today we are here to help you in modifying your KTM Duke Bike. We have provided best KTM Duke stickers  and graphics kits available in the market.

KTM Duke Modification using Decals | Stickers Kit | Graphics

Your monster as of now gives common looks still you can give it unique and amazing look to your. Be distinctive in swarm by Customizing your bike with different Graphics Stickers Kit which you can purchase from our site. Journey of KTM Company in India have brief time frame and in this they have  moved toward becoming furor among the adolescents. As all of you know KTM Company have propelled just 5 Bikes for Indian Customers. Since they are making colossal benefit from India they would prefer not to dispatch more bikes for now. You have to Modify your beast to give diverse look in front of every other person to sparkle among them. KTM Bikes come in two unique hues blend Black-Orange and White Orange so your decisions are restricted to them two yet you need’t to stress we are here with KTM Duke Stickers Graphics Kit which you can use to change your duke to have distinctive shading and additional common look.

Product Image Model  Colour  Water Resistant  Price  Add to Cart
 KTM Duke 200 Decals Online KTM Duke 200 / 390 White & Orange Yes 2999 INR Buy Now
 KTM Duke 200 Stickers Kit Online KTM Duke 200 / 390 Orange & Black Yes 2999 INR Buy Now
 buy Graphic Kit for KTM Duke 200 290 KTM Duke 200 / 390 Orange & Red +White+Black Yes 2900 INR Buy Now
 Buy Online KTM Duke 200 390 Stickers Decals KTM Duke 200 / 390 Orange Yes 3999 INR Buy Now
 Buy Online KTM Duke 200 390 Graphic Decals KTM Duke 200 / 390 White & Orange Yes 3500 INR Buy Now
 KTM Duke Red Bull Decals Stickers Graphic Kit Online KTM Duke 200 / 390 White & Orange Yes 3999 INR Buy Now

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Instructions to Modify KTM Duke at home with Decals | Stickers Kit | Graphics

Its truly simple to change looking of your own KTM DUKE at home. We have mentioned every single essential things you have to take after underneath during the whole process. We will depict you how you can expel your old decals and apply new decals which you have purchased from our site.

Procedures :

  1. Expulsion of Default (Old) Wrap
  2. Unpacking the Brand New Wrap
  3. Applying the all New Wrap

Presently kick back and look at entire technique you should take after for Decals Installation.

1) Removal of Default (Old) Wrap

Before proceeding you are encouraged to clean your bike by sprinkling some water and afterward cleaning it with cotton fabric this will expel all untidy particles from your bike.

Presently you are prepared to evacuating your old decals yet this would be not a simple undertaking as they are appended with your bicycle with hard paste. Their is a hack which will spare your vitality and you could without much of a stretch expel your old decal from your machine. Simply give a tad warmth to decals with the assistance of hair dryer so the paste will dissolve and after that you can gradually evacuate the decal out.

Old decals are evacuated, now comes the most troublesome piece of the entire system. Take any fabric and ensure it don’t leave any fiber when rubbed, with its assistance get out the surface and twofold check to guarantee all tidy and oil particles are expelled generally decals which we are presently going to apply won’t have the capacity to stick appropriately with surface. On the off chance that you locate some cement still connected to surface of your brute at that point warm it again and rapidly evacuate them. This is tedious work and this issue just emerges in low quality decals yet don’t stress our decals are of premium quality you will never face such sort of issues.

2) Unboxing the Brand New Wrap

When your new decal arrives open the case and take out all materials introduce in that crate. Try not to stress of blemished material, we guarantee our client encounter all KTM decals and stickers are checked well before contacting you.

3) Applying the all New Wrap

Your Bike and decals are currently all set for establishment lastly its opportunity to apply these decal to your bicycle to give it executioner looks. Believe me comes about subsequent to applying these new decals will wonderful.

Initially you ought to apply inside bit of the decal and a tiny bit at a time haul out the decal to the external parts of surface. In the event that you tenderly back the decal out from the middle with your fingers it can give the decal the shine which is needed. Just do this when you are certain you have the decal is connected effectively to your machine.

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