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KTM RC Stickers

Now Modify Your KTM RC 200 / 390 with Latest & Best KTM RC 2017 Stickers / Graphics Kits / Decals at your home with Orange, White, Black Colour Editions.

About KTM Company

KTM is the bike manufacture company that was born in Australia, this company was founded in 1934 by an engineer. He first used to repair motorcycle and then started a workshop later on he started producing own motorcycle in 1954. Generally KTM manufacture off road bikes and now it started to produce the street bikes. KTM was names upon that engineer who started the workshop and company his name was Kraftfahrzeuge Trunkenpolz Mattighofen.

About KTM India

KTM in the super and dirt bike maker, this company was first announced in India in 2007. In November 2007 the agreement was done between Bajaj Auto and KTM to produce and Manufacture KTM bikes in India for the Indian Customers and Asia. After it launch in India this bike manufacturer is just introducing heavy bikes to its customers. Today in India there are Five bikes those are best choice among the youngsters these are from KTM those are KTM RC 200, KTM RC 390, KTM Duke 200, KTM Duke 250 and KTM Duke 390. These days KTM is above all manufactures in India to provide the pocket budget heavy displacement bikes. Today we are here so that we can tell you about the KTM RC 200 and 390. This is for our visitors those are thinking to Upgrade Their KTM Models or want to Modified their Bikes but are worried about what to choose in this.

KTM RC Modification using Decals | Stickers Kit | Graphics

Your beast already gives killing looks still you can give unique and awesome look to your bike. Be different in crowd by Customizing your bike with various Graphics Stickers Kit which you can buy from our website. Since 2007 now 10 years have passed and in this short period of time KTM Bikes have become craze among the youngsters. As you all know KTM Company have launched only Bikes and 2 Models i.e RC and DUKE. because they are making huge profit from India they don’t want to launch more bikes in India. You need to Modify your bike to give different look form everyone else to shine among them. KTM Bikes come in two different colors combination Black-Orange & White Orange so your choices are limited to both of them but you need’t to worry we are here with KTM RC Stickers Graphics Kit which you can use to modify your bike to have different color and extra ordinary look.

Product Image Model  Colour  Water Resistant  Price  Add to Cart
  KTM RC 200 / 390 White & Orange Yes 3500 INR Buy Now
  KTM RC 200 / 390 Green & White+Black Yes 3999 INR Buy Now
 KTM RC Monster Decals KTM RC 200 / 390 Black & White+Black+Sky Blue Yes 3500 INR Buy Now
  KTM RC 200 / 390 Black & White Yes 3999 INR Buy Now
 KTM RC Mat Black Decals KTM RC 200 / 390 Black & Orange Yes 3500 INR Buy Now
 KTM RC White Decals Kit KTM RC 200 / 390 White & Orange Yes 3999 INR Buy Now
 KTM RC Green Black Stickers KTM RC 200 / 390 Black & White+Orange Yes 3500 INR Buy Now
 KTM RC Metal Mulisha Stickers KTM RC 200 / 390 Black & Orange+White Yes 3500 INR Buy Now
  KTM RC 200 / 390 Black & Orange+White Yes 3500 INR Buy Now

How to Modify KTM RC at home with Decals | Stickers Kit | Graphics

Its really easy to modify your own bike at home. We have mentioned all necessary steps you need to follow below in this article. We will describe you how you can remove your old decals and apply new decals which you have bought  from our website.

Processes :-

  • Removal of Default (Old)  Wrap
  • Unboxing the Brand New Wrap
  • Applying the all New Wrap

Now sit back and check out whole procedure you will have to follow for Decals Installation.

1) Removal of Default (Old)  Wrap

Before going ahead you are advised to clean your bike by sprinkling some water and then cleaning it with cotton cloth this will remove all dust particles from your bike.

Now you are ready to removing your old decals but this would be not an easy task as they are attached with your bike with hard glue. Their is a hack which will save your energy and you could easily remove your old decal from your bike. Just give a little bit heat to decals with the help of hair dryer so that the glue will melt and after that you can slowly remove the decal of your bike.

Old decals are removed, now comes the most difficult part of the whole procedure. Take any cloth and make sure it do not leave any fiber when rubbed, with its help clean out the surface and double check to ensure all dust and grease particles are removed otherwise decals which we are now going to apply will not be able to stick properly with surface. If you find some adhesive still attached to surface of your beast then heat it again and quickly remove them. This is time consuming work and this problem only arises in low quality decals but don’t worry our decals are of premium quality you will never face such type of problems.

2) Unboxing the Brand New Wrap

As soon as your new decal arrives open the box and take out all materials present in that box. Don’t worry of defective material, we ensure our customer experience all KTM decals and stickers are checked well before reaching you.

3) Applying the all New Wrap

Your Bike and decals are now all set for installation and finally its time to apply these decal to your bike to give it killer looks. Trust me results after applying these new decals will superb.

Firstly you should  apply within portion of the decal and bit by bit pull out the decal to the outer parts of suface. If you gently back the decal out from the center with your fingers it can give the decal the glow. Simply do this when you are sure you have the decal is applied correctly to your machine.

If you have any issue Related to Buying These Decals or Need any help related to Decals Installation, then You can Post your Queries in Our Given Below Comment Section. Thank you for Giving your Valuable time and Also Share These Decals Page with your KTM Gang.

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